Nasal Obstruction And Congestion Surgery

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Dealing with nasal obstruction and congestion can be frustrating and can prevent you from doing activities you love, like spending time outdoors or exercising when you can’t breathe well. Find relief from breathing issues by visiting Specialty Physician Associates in Bethlehem and Allentown, Pennsylvania. The team offers treatment, including functional rhinoplasty surgeries, to address acute and chronic breathing issues due to problems like deviated septums, nasal polyps, and inferior turbinate enlargement. Find out more today by requesting an appointment online or calling the office nearest you.

Nasal Obstruction and Congestion Surgery Q & A

What Causes Nasal Obstruction and Congestion?

Nasal obstruction and congestion can be the result of a variety of medical conditions, including:

  • Allergies, which can lead to enlargement or hypertrophy of sinus tissues
  • Deviated or crooked nasal septum
  • Sinus inflammation
  • Nasal polyps
  • Swelling of the adenoids at the back of the throat, usually found in children but also a possibility in adults

These conditions cause varying degrees of nasal obstruction and congestion. In some cases, symptoms can flare up due to weather or environmental factors that trigger allergies and swelling within the nasal cavities. Other conditions develop over time, such as nasal polyps, or can be the result of trauma, such as a deviated septum.

How Can I Get Relief From Nasal Congestion Symptoms?

The team at Specialty Physician Associates can recommend an over-the-counter or prescription medication to relieve sinus congestion. Common medications include:

  • Antihistamines
  • Oral decongestants
  • Topical decongestant sprays
  • Steroid decongestants

In many cases, decongestant medications shouldn’t be used long term as they can cause rebound symptoms that make your congestion worse when the medication wears off. If you experience chronic congestion due to nasal obstruction, your provider could recommend surgery.

Can Surgery Relieve Nasal Obstruction and Congestion?

Yes. A number of different nasal and sinus surgeries can relieve nasal obstruction and congestion. These surgeries are often referred to as functional rhinoplasties.

A functional rhinoplasty focuses on breathing issues associated with deviated septums, inferior turbinate enlargement, and nasal polyps. These surgeries involve procedures performed under anesthesia to correct the anatomical issues causing your nasal obstruction and congestion.

In many cases, only a couple of incisions are needed to perform the surgery, making it a minimally invasive solution to chronic breathing problems.

Am I a Candidate for Functional Rhinoplasty?

To determine if a functional rhinoplasty is right for you, your provider first examines your nose and sinuses using a hand-held tool with a light to determine the cause of your obstruction. In some cases, an MRI or a CT scan is needed to evaluate the internal structures of your sinuses.

Once your provider explains your diagnosis, they’ll discuss surgical treatments that can help. Some surgeries are more complex and can take longer to perform, though most provide fast results to improve your breathing once you’ve fully healed.

Get help with your nasal obstruction and congestion symptoms by calling or scheduling a consultation online at Specialty Physician Associates now.