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If you’ve undergone Mohs surgery for skin cancer or have facial deformities due to trauma or scarring and want to improve your appearance, visit Specialty Physician Associates for a facial reconstruction surgery consultation. The highly skilled and experienced team in Bethlehem and Allentown, Pennsylvania, offers personalized reconstructive procedures to help you return to normal or enhance your appearance and boost your self-esteem. Learn more today by calling or scheduling an appointment through the online tool.

Facial Reconstructive Surgery Q & A

What is Facial Reconstruction Surgery?

Facial reconstruction surgery is a branch of otolaryngology and facial plastic surgery that addresses facial deformities along with structural and functional issues associated with breathing, speaking, and hearing.

As specialists in ear, nose, and throat diagnosis and treatment, as well as facial reconstruction and plastic surgery, the team at Specialty Physician Associates offers personalized facial reconstruction surgery to repair damage to the structure of your face and help you look and feel your best.

When is Facial Reconstruction Surgery Recommended?

Facial reconstruction surgery is most commonly recommended after treatment for skin cancer and facial trauma. It can be used to correct cleft lips, facial deformities due to facial paralysis, damaged ears, and scars from trauma or prior surgeries.

The team works with dermatologists and skin cancer specialists in the area when needed to provide the best all-around treatment for skin cancer and other skin conditions that affect your face.

With state-of-the-art technology in the office, the team can prepare for and plan your facial reconstruction surgery and provide you with sample images so you know what to expect before, during, and after surgery.

Can Facial Reconstruction Surgery Help After Skin Cancer Treatment?

Yes. Mohs surgery, commonly used to remove cancerous lesions from the skin, can be disfiguring, especially if large amounts of skin — and possibly muscle, fat, or bone — are removed. Facial reconstruction surgery uses tissue grafts from other areas of your body to repair the damage for a smoother, more natural appearance.

The team has advanced training in reconstruction after Mohs surgery to provide you with a safe, effective procedure that can restore your appearance as much as possible while reducing the appearance of scars. Reconstruction surgery can improve your comfort when breathing, speaking, or eating by allowing for smooth movement of your skin and muscles.

Can Facial Reconstruction Surgery Help After Facial Trauma?

Yes, the team has specialized training in facial reconstruction after trauma. Since every trauma case is unique, your doctors take into account the original structure of your face, the level of trauma, and your desired outcome after surgical reconstruction.

By working with a team of otolaryngologists and facial plastic surgeons, you get the best care possible from both an aesthetic and functional standpoint. Your care is a top priority and the team works diligently to meet your goals safely and effectively.

Learn more about facial reconstruction surgery by calling Specialty Physician Associates or booking an appointment online now.